Final Canning Weekend for the Penn State Dance MaraTHON!

This weekend is the final canning weekend for the 2013 Penn State Dance MaraTHON. If you see PSU students out canning please donate! They will spend their entire weekend outside canning to raise money for pediatric cancer patients at Hershey Medical Center! Tell them you know Four Diamonds Child Emily! Post a comment if you donate and let us know where you donated (post a pic too if you can take one!). Some of you did this last month during the canning weekend and it was fun to hear and see everyone who donated!

97 days until THON 2013!!
Tom, Kari & Emily


3 thoughts on “Final Canning Weekend for the Penn State Dance MaraTHON!”

  1. I donated to OHANA in Bridgeville, PA! They were everywhere this weekend. Saw someone dressed as a banana, so we made sure to stop for him too!

  2. I saw canners all over Philly this weekend! I donated to one near PCOM but saw others around Haverford and toward Jersey too. One was dressed up in a bunny suit. I have a picture but not sure how to upload.

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