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Just sharing some photos. Most of these are from the past few weekends when we went to Ohio/Pittsburgh one weekend and Philadelphia the next weekend. Emily has been feeling OK and is still taking two antibiotics (one for c-diff and one for salmonella). If the infections persist after this round of antibiotics we aren’t sure what the plan will be. She will be on both antibiotics for another two weeks.

1: A stop at Panera on our way to Ohio (Emily loves their mac and cheese), I asked her smile nicely – this is typically the goofy look I get. 2: When daddy asks for a nice smile, she obliges. 3: Emily found a purple couch at the hotel that she wants for our living room and wants to purchase it for ours. 4: Emily with Uncle Tom and their electronic devices during our visit to Pittsburgh. 5: Emily loves to snuggle with Aunt Brenda and Uncle Tom’s two cats. 6: More cat love. 7: Future doctor/scientist? Dr. Grupp shows Emily living leukemia cells under the microscope. 8: Emily and Christine (she works with Dr. Grupp and is teaching Emily the best places to shop in Philly). 9: Emily wrote a special note to the doctors involved with the clinical trial, thanking them for her T-cells (she thought of this/wrote it totally on her own – she just asked for help spelling the doctor’s names). 10: The majority of time spent on our long car rides is spent listening to music and sleeping. 11: Halloween – Lydia the vampire kitty. 12: Emily bought a Thank You card for Tom and I just the other day, which says: Thank you for taking care of me in the hospital and when you get sick I will take care of you. 


  • Missy Payrick - Hi Emily,glad to hear your still doing so well!!Are you getting ready for the holidays?Have you made your list for santa yet?I can’t believe it’s time for Christmas lights and santa.where does the time go?I am ready for a big snow storm ,how about you?Take care little one.lots of hugs and prayers. Love missy.ReplyCancel

  • Loretta Fullington - Growing and glowing into such a lovely young lady.ReplyCancel

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