Thank you for your support!

Welcome to all our new friends on Emily’s page! We are explaining to a lot of people that Emily is her birth name, but during her battle she decided that she preferred to be called Emma. Thank you for all of the positive messages. We are reading them and we wish we had time to respond to each one. We knew there would be interest in Emily’s story but didn’t expect it to spread so fast and so far. Our hope is that by sharing Emily’s story we can help.

Emily is doing pretty well although she was having some stomach trouble over the weekend. We found out this week that she has c-diff back again. She is back on an antibiotic for the next couple of weeks. We are also waiting to see if the Salmonella grows again too. We don’t think it will because she’s already doing much better since starting the antibiotic for c-diff.
We have been sharing in our interviews how much support we have had from everybody, what a great community we live in, and how many people have been praying for Emily. We also talk constantly about our THON support and how much Emily looks forward to being at THON this year. We give credit to all of the hospitals and staff that are like family to us and have helped get Emily to this point. The focus of the media story right now is to get the information out about the cart 19 study to help save lives. We wanted everyone to know that we are THANKFUL for your support and hopeful Emily’s entire story of her miracle journey gets out to everyone.
We Believe~Tom,Kari,and Emma

Emily’s (Emma’s) Story in the Media

If you have been following the Facebook page you have already seen a lot of what I am posting below. Emily’s story has spread much faster and farther than we could imagine! We are getting so many kind messages from everyone – thank you so much! Here are a few links:

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Anderson Cooper: