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THON 2013 Begins TOMORROW!

We are so excited that THON begins TOMORROW! Why are we so excited? Here are some links that show how awesome THON is:

Our Discovering Diamonds video made in 2011 (made before Emily relapsed – she’s so little in some of the photos in the video!). The video was made to tell other families why they should be involved in THON:

Our personal photos from THON 2011 (she’s SO little!):

THON documentary:

Thank you so much for the THON support! We’ve had a bunch of messages/emails about how everyone is making or have made donations to THON! Some of you are asking for the following information:

1) Can I visit THON / Can you tell me how I can visit THON?

YES! THON is open to the public at the Bryce Jordan Center – no tickets are needed (the public is not allowed on the floor). However, the BJC fills up quickly and they often close it at times because it fills to capacity (more than 15,000 people!). If you visit you will understand why we say “THON cannot be described”.

Friday: THON begins at 6:00pm tomorrow – I don’t know what time doors open but I know it will fill up quickly for kick off.

Saturday: Probably the best time to go. The pep rally is in the evening and I think the BJC fills up several hours before the pep rally. So best time is tomorrow morning/afternoon.

Sunday: Be there by 8am if you want in at all! It ends at 4:00pm but it will fill to capacity by early morning. We speak during family hour between 1-2pm.

You can also watch THON live all weekend on the webcast:

2) How do I donate / Who do I credit my donation to?

GO TO: http://thon.org/
CLICK: The yellow DONATE NOW tab
CHOOSE: “Click to support the THON Organization or Dancer of your choice”
CHOOSE: “Public Relations Student Society of America” (this is Emily’s organization – you have to scroll more than halfway down)


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