A Visit From 60 Minutes Australia

A few weeks ago 60 Minutes Australia visited us. They are doing a story on the t-cell therapy at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) which will air on Sunday. We will be able to view it online after it airs – we will post the link when it’s up! Here are a few photos from the time we spent with them. They had specific ideas of what they wanted to get and where they wanted to go. They wanted to capture Emily doing everyday things, so we went for ice cream and then she went for a haircut and mani/pedi! Those really aren’t “everyday” things for her (well, except maybe the ice cream!) but they wanted her to have fun while they were filming. Thank you to those local businesses who let the crew interrupt their day for filming! I know we get comments from those of you who want to see more coverage of the community support for Emily. During every interview we’ve had we talk about how thousands of you from our community and around the world prayed for Emily, sent positive messages, sent cards & gifts, held fundraisers and prayer vigils, donated vacation days (our colleagues from Penelec and Penn State!), and of course we talk about THON! Usually, the message the media wants to get out is focused on the treatment Emily received so that others are aware of it and other children can be helped. There is usually only a limited time to get their message across (usually 3-5 minutes). A lot of our personal story is never told but please know that we DO tell it! We received so much love and support (and still do!) and we haven’t forgotten. Although we don’t know for sure how much of our personal story the 60-minute Australia show will actually tell – and the focus will still be on CHOP and the t-cell treatment – they did seem the most interested in telling more of the personal side. They spent a lot of time out in the community capturing the purple ribbons and messages that are still around and getting a feel for our wonderful little town of Philipsburg and surrounding communities, so we will see! If not this time, there are several other things possibly in the works where we hope we can tell more of Emily’s story. Everyone who has followed her knows there is so much more to tell! It’s perfect timing for the story to air because September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month! A preview of the show is posted below too.

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  1. Congratulation for your daughter, I wonder when this T-cell treatment will be available for public, especially for the third world countries like my country Indonesia. There are people dying every day struggling from cancer. Hope soon every bodies could feel the same happiness like yours.

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