18-Months Cancer Free!

On Sunday, November 10th, Emily celebrated 18-months cancer free! We took a few photos to celebrate – here is our favorite (she was laughing at daddy)!


9 thoughts on “18-Months Cancer Free!”

  1. Yay for 18 months cancer free!! That is such wonderful news. We hope all is well with you and your family…it won’t be long before Santa arrives. 🙂

    Happy Thanksgiving…..we have a lot to be thankful for this year.

    Take care!


  2. So proud of the fight you gave cancer! Most of our family has died from cancer. A few were strong enough to survive cancer. It is an extreme battle for life. I hope you are cancer free forever!
    Congratulations, Emily!

  3. Its been almost a year since I first heard your story yet somehow that wonderful smile still has the power to brighten my day by three shades of sunshine. Thank you for sharing and continuing to share. Many wishes for a long and wonderful life Emma!

  4. Such a wonderful milestone! God bless you Emily. I know you Aunt Karen Shannanhan from where I go to church here in Tucson. I am so very happy for you and your parents.

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