WebMD Health Heroes

Emily and Dr. Grupp are WebMD Health Heroes for 2013. Each year, the WebMD Health Heroes awards celebrate those who have met a health challenge and are giving back to others in an inspiring way.

“WebMD Health Heroes represent individuals who are dedicated to encouraging health and wellness throughout their communities, and this year’s winners are achieving remarkable success in their goals of inspiring others,” said Kristy Hammam, editor in chief, WebMD Magazine. “The 2013 WebMD Health Heroes are making a positive impact in the lives of those facing their own health challenges by extending their support to others.”

The Health Heroes are featured in the November/December issues of WebMD Magazine. To learn more about the 2013 WebMD Health Heroes, please visit www.webmd.com/healthheroes. You can view and download a copy of the magazine here.


3 thoughts on “WebMD Health Heroes”

  1. You are amazing! May your good health continue until you are a very old woman . God bless you, your family & your medical team

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