Emily’s Story on HBO VICE Special Report: Killing Cancer

Tune in tonight (Friday, February 27th) on HBO at 10:00pm to see the VICE Special Report: Killing Cancer. The report shows how researchers are using viruses – such as the common cold virus, measles and H.I.V. – to treat various types of cancers. Part of the report will focus on the T-cell therapy and Emily’s treatment. Another T-cell patient, 11-year old Tori who was treated in the same clinical trial as Emily, will also be featured.

In addition, the Emily Whitehead Foundation has teamed up with HBO VICE and CrowdRise to raise money for cancer research! Please consider MAKING A DONATION HERE.

8 thoughts on “Emily’s Story on HBO VICE Special Report: Killing Cancer”

  1. Peace be upon you and your family. I seen some of your documentary. And it was inspiring. I am a 42 year old man with AML. But stories like these give me life. Because I pray you get to live to see many more years and continue to be a testament to the Greatness of God through creation. Continue the fight and be a great inspiration to us all ameen

  2. Emily such’m from Argentina, and my daughter is in treatment of ALL B. she achieved remission and no longer has anything, it lacks little to end, I wanted to wish you the best, an example of life, my daughter’s name valentina, and my inspiration is you, I send my greetings from Argentina,

  3. On December 30, 2014 I thought our world was coming to a catastrophic end. Our then 21 month old granddaughter Scarlett, who had been suffering with flu like symptoms for almost a month, was finally diagnosed in Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh,with leukemia (ALL). How could this happen, and why didn’t the doctors pick up on this through the many trips to the pediatrician and ER that month? In speaking with other grandparents and parents who were in the same situation, most experienced the same scenario. It was hard to even see a light at the end of the proverbal tunnel those first few weeks. After 7 days of treatment the bone marrow procedure still found cancer cells present. Our hearts sunk once more. On the 21 day after more chemo, a second bone marrow procedure was done. We were positive that all of the cancer cells were finally gone. The phone call from the oncologist came in the evening, as I looked at my daughters face I know that it was not good news–and it was not. Cancer cells were still present in Scarlett’s bone marrow. Our hearts sunk and we were brought to heart renching tears again. Only one more try before a bone marrow transplant would have to be considerd and that was 59 days away. Prayers and masses were being said by so very many family members, friends, and even strangers who heard about Scarlett. Day 59 came but because of a cold her count was too low to have the procedure. Another week of prayers, and hope for good results. Monday came and the blood work showed her counts were up and it was a go for the bone marrow procedure. We were told the results could posibally be in by Friday, but more likely Monday or Tuesday of the next week. Again, many prayers were being said and good wishes sent our way, a week seemed like a year. The results came in on Thursday (earlier than the Doctos expected) and the best news ever, NO CANCER in the bone marrow. Praise the Lord was being shouted all over the house along with tears of joy. We knew what would take place if cancer cells were still present, and were so very thankful that they were not. Scarlett still has many years to go before she is actually considered “cancer free,” but we believe she is. However, it is good to know what her alternatives are if there is a relapse. Contributions to “childhood cancer” is so very important to continue the research to make sure another child does not die do to cancer. One child’s death due to cancer is one too many. Thank you for sharing Emily’s story. God’s blessings.

  4. The TV special was fascinating. As with most of these shows, you never know how the patients are doing once the camera stops rolling, so please keep us up to date on her progress.
    I’d love to see these unconventional therapies work among a broad spectrum of people. If patients like Emily continue to live without recurrence, than it further substantiates the need for these treatments to go mainstream.
    Best of luck…

  5. Emily!!! Watched tour documentary on Vice, what a great story you have to tell!!! Love your beautiful brown hair and your contagious smile!! You are such a brave and inspiring young lady!! To your parents, what amazing souls you are!!! What strength you have! Ever since I saw the documentary I have been praying for you guys! I pray that God blesses you in ways you didn’t even imagine! Thank you so much for sharing your story!!

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