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  1. Our son Zach has relapsed for the second time. He is not in remission still has 5%. Our oncologist is investigating The CAR T cel therapy. I hope he qualifies. So inspired to hear your story.
    nancy Swart

  2. I am so inspired by your story and fight! πŸ™‚ I am doing a Bio essay on the amazing treatment you received and after seeing/reading all about you I just wanted to leave a note telling the whole family I wish you guys the best!

  3. Just read your story and remembered the times when my son was barely three years old and diagnosed with a braintumor. After many years of intense treatments, an operation, cytostats and radiation, he finally was declared well.
    I wish you the best of times looking forward and a happy life. Take care,

  4. HI Emily,
    My name is Quade. I am 9 years old and I was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia on April 15, 2016. I just finished my second of three rounds of chemo and will have a bone marrow transplant this fall. You can read about me at My mom works for Terumo BCT (and once was the product manager for the COBE Spectra device that was shown in your Fire With Fire video). I heard your family will be visiting Terumo BCT and I would love to meet you. I am scheduled to go back into the hospital on Friday the 5th for another bone marrow biopsy and to start my third round of chemo. Hopefully, we can meet before I have to go back. Reading your website gives me more strength that I can beat this and hope that new therapies are becoming available to help everyone who has cancer.

    Hope to see you soon!
    Quade (and Michelle, Quade’s mom)

  5. Hi Emily!

    I’m currently battling pediatric pre-B acute lymphoblastic leukemia right now. Reading your story brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for giving me hope that I can survive this.

  6. Hi Emily, My husband is one of the scientist working hard on CAR-T cell therapy, we knows you in the medical publication in a scientific view. He got frustrated some times when the experiment did not go well. On a very blue day last week, we saw the special report on HBO about your story and how you fought the cancer with the CAR-T therapy. We are very happy to see you doing very well now. It was a great encouragement to us!

    1. Hello,I’m a baby girl’s father from China, my daughter was diagnosed as ALL-B, and I want to know more infomation about CAR-T, Could you give the contaction of the doctors who doing CAR-T.
      My E-mail is

    2. Hello,I’m a baby girl’s father from China, my daughter was diagnosed as ALL-B, and I want to know more infomation about CAR-T, Could you give the contaction of the doctors who doing CAR-T.
      My E-mail is
      Best regrads!

  7. just wanted to say hi and God Bless you Emily. You are a true miracle. I was treated for Cancer 14 years ago and am cancer free at present. You can live your life and do whatever you want to do so don’t waste it I know you wont. Would love to meet you sometime and give you a hug. Keep smiling and keep moving forward love Chris.

  8. Thank you for reminding us to watch Cancer: Emperor of All Maladies. I was glued to the tv for three nights. I am amazed at the Doctor who have been working for a cure all these years, who don’t give up no matter what – imagine if the doctors from the 1940’s could see where the fight is now. I know they wouldn’t be surprised at the children that are so brave and amazing as they go through their battle. We Believe Emily and we continue to pray for you and your family. Thank you for being so brave. God Bless.

  9. Hello Emily,
    Your story has truly touched my heart. I saw a program on tv last night that chronicled your courageous struggle against this terrible disease.
    You fought and fought, and came through with flying colours! WOW, I am SO proud of you. Your medical team and loving prayers truly performed a miracle! You have been blessed and given a second chance at life. I pray that you will grow and thrive and be healthy and cancer-free for many, many years. You are so beautiful and you set a great example to all who struggle with any critical illness. You have given us Hope!
    God Bless you always. Peace & Love to you & your family. <3
    – Marcelle Fantasia –
    Ontario, Canada

  10. Hi Emily, Kari and Tom!

    I am a biology student at Harvard University. It is stories like yours that inspired me to study to be a research biologist. You area a beautiful young lady and your brave fight will save the lives of many children and adults in the future.

    Keep up the good work! I’m so glad to see that your are dong very well! πŸ™‚


    1. I am a biology student at Harvard University. It is stories like yours that inspired me to study to be a research biologist. You are a beautiful young lady and your brave fight will save the lives of many children and adults in the future.

      Keep up the good work! I’m so glad to see that you are doing very well! πŸ™‚


  11. Watched your story today on PBS, I was very inspired by your strength. I am a Nurse Practitioner from Charlotte, NC. I am battling a weight issue myself and I felt incredibly selfish yet inspired after seeing your story. As a parent of 2 small children, my heart breaks for what your parents have had to endure, you are all so fortunate to have each other! Your family is beautiful, I pray that you live a long and prosperous life. No matter what you are inspiring others daily, so have definitely achieved greatness!

    I love you and God speed!

  12. Hi, i’m a french student from Brittany and in english class we are working on your amazing story. You are very strong, you and your familly, i hope that you are well now.

  13. Thank you for being such a brave family! My daughter got her T cells at CHOP in September, and your story has been an inspiration to us since we first heard about this therapy.

  14. You give me hope angel! My mom just got diagnosed with acute AML, she is on gleevac and maybe does not want to fight it since she is very old, but I think after reading your story it is worth fighting. I think you are a miracle…thank God there are angels like you fighting and winning the cancer battle.

  15. Hi Emily I have heard so much about you and your battle with cancer and I just wanted to let you know that I battled leukemia as a kid and I can’t wait to meet you and your family at THON this year. Take care sweet girl. πŸ™‚

  16. Hello Emily. My name is Allison Hester and I am a fifth grade teacher in Citronelle, Alabama. Your story is very special to my classes.
    It all started when I found your story in Parenting Magazine a few years ago.
    I teach Science at my school. Every year while studying cells, I share your story with my classroom about your cancer and also about the amazing success with your T Cells.

    I always read your article to my three classes, and this year, we Googled your name and found your awesome page!!
    We are so excited to know you are doing well and are putting all your efforts in helping others to BEAT cancer!
    We would LOVE to hear back from you by email if you get a chance.

    You Rock Emily!!

    Mrs. Allison Hester and Her Three Science Classes at McDavid- Jones Elementary

  17. Emily, Your story is amazing! I’m so happy that you are well and I hope it stays that way. My daughter, who is in the 10th grade at Beaver Area High School in Beaver, PA, wants to go to college for Biology and “do research to find a cure for something” she tells me. I’m going to show her your website so she knows that it is indeed possible for her to do just that. I work at FirstEnergy and first saw your story in one of our employee updates. I will keep you and your family in my prayers. Good Luck and make 2015 your healthiest year yet!!!

  18. I am surgeon in China
    your story is broadcasting in the app “we chat” in China
    you are a miracle and milestone of Cancer therapy
    Best wishes

  19. Hi Emily!

    I’m Emily from Venezuela and I read your story thanks to my local newspaper. I just wanted to say that I’m so happy for you! You’re such an inspiration for everyone in this world.

    Lots of kisses for you and your family<3

  20. Hello Emily, I was deeply impressed by your brave, at the same time also felt sorry for my nephew, because he also had leukemia, I hope that through your help let him have the opportunity to receive CAR-T treatment, the blessings and thanks here I send the most sincere. I am in Shanghai, eagerly awaiting your reply.

    My English is not very good, please forgive me!

  21. Hi Emily,
    I am from Paris, France. I read your story thanks to a non profit organization which promoted your website. This non profit aims at creating a fund in France dedicated to research on paediatric cancers. We believe in it.
    You are very strong I’m impressed. I wish you a wonderful peaceful life.

    1. We would love to know more about the non-profit! Emily has an aunt and uncle who live in France. We hope to visit there soon!

  22. Emily,

    You are a brave and beautiful girl, and you have helped move important research forward in winning the war against cancer. Thank you for sharing your story and your sweet smile!

    Seattle, WA

  23. Hi Em !!! I just learned about your amazing journey to a healthier life. I’m amazed of what your medical team did for you and the courage of your parents to let you do an experimental treatment. Now I understand that this is how unconditional love is: a little help, a lot of faith and a big desire to live. I wish you to continue living your life with all the joy that you show. Congratulations !!!

  24. You are a miracle and your parents Kari and Tom are absolutely inspiring. I was at the SCDM conference and missed meeting you but loved your video message!! Thank you for sharing your story and making an impact on me, by allowing me to hear your journey. It is not often that I hear of the direct impact of cancer research, and data management on people’s lives. It fills me with purpose and a desire to do the best I can as a Data Manager on multiple clinical trials, as I may be helping others just like you. A beautiful gift from God that makes a difference in others people lives, bringing hope, purpose, and love across the globe. I send my prayers to you and your family often. God bless.

  25. Hi Emily, I just read a bunch of studies about the genetically modified Tcell treatment you received, and I am so happy that it worked! When I was growing up, my sister had childhood lymphoma. She, luckily, has been in remission for over ten years and now, at the age of 16, is doing cancer research in Buffalo, NY. at Hauptman-Woodward Medical Research Institute. If you would ever like to contact her, I think you both would really enjoy talking to each other. I have shared your story with my whole family and my entire house here at Cornell. My mom sobbed while reading about you, and all of my housemates want you to come to Cornell when you are older (so far away I know). We hope you are having a great new school year and are enjoying life every day! Much love, Madi πŸ™‚

  26. Hi Emily,
    I hope this finds you in good health and living your life to the fullest. I wanted to reach out to you to let you know I am a member of LLS’ Team In Training, Palm Beach Chapter. I ran in the Disney Half Marathon last year, and had the great pleasure to be introduced to your amazing story and your inspiring journey. Since then, I have kept you in my prayers.
    I became a member of TNT in 2010 after my dad, my hero was diagnosed with AML. He survived for 22 months before he lost his battle. It was my promise to him to run until there was a cure. So now, keeping my promise, I will be running in the Palm Beach Half Marathon on Dec.7th. It will be my 5th TNT event. I will be running in memory of my dad, but will now run in honor of YOU!! Your story has been such an inspiration to me. You are proof that finding a cure is closer than ever! You are a remarkable little girl and I feel blessed to have been introduced to your journey. I wish you continued good health and all of God’s blessings.

  27. Hi Emma, Our family has prayed for you for a long time, and we join you in praising God for his healing hand upon you. One of my best friends, we’re both 10, recently finished her ALL treatments, port removed this week! It’s so nice to know that she isn’t “Lily with cancer” anymore. I am so happy to call her “Just Lily.” That’s my wish for you, that you are called “Just Emma” forever. See you at Penn State in 8 or 9 years! WE ARE…

  28. Hi EM!! just wanted to say hello from california! hope you’re having an awesome summer!

    HI tom and kari!

  29. Emily, you are the hope of the humanity, your life is a present for the good people in earth. Thanks for your fight from Spain.

  30. Hi Emily!!
    So happy to hear you are 2 years cancer free!! Even though my family and I don’t personally know you or your family, we feel a connection with you. We have followed your story over the past few years and continue to check in and follow your story today. You are a great inspiration to many and we continue to pray for you everyday.
    Are you excited for summer vacation? I know my girls can’t wait to be home and swim in the pool. πŸ™‚

    Take care! WE BELIEVE!!

  31. hey big girl!!
    i happened to see a video “fire with fire” and i was moved.wanted to know if you were alright so, i stumbled across this site.. it gave me such joy to see your bright smile πŸ™‚ you are cancer free!! i was over-joyed actually inspired by your story emily.. keep living a great life..

    wishing you lots n lots of love from the other side of the planet

  32. Dear Emily,and family:

    I am so happy for you and your family. Emily, you are one of God’s most precious miracles. You are an amazing young lady. I was introduced to you by Connie Kawa. I am honored that I was brought into your life.

    I live in Elberta, Alabama, very near to Orange Beach and Gulf Shores, Alabama. We have sand so white it sparkles. Maybe one day, you will get to visit my part of our United States.

    Prayers for your continued good health.

    Your friend,
    Georgette Haupt

  33. Hi Emily:
    I read about you on another FB page and just wanted to write to say I think you are fabulous. I pray you will continue to be in remission and be declared cured. You are a very brave girl , cute too. I hope you have the most marvelous birthday and get everything you wish for when you blow out your birthday candles.

  34. Emily,
    Your story has inspired me!! I am a student at Penn State and at my very first THON as a freshmen I saw you on stage with your parents who told your story and I was instantly reminded of the reason that I decided to go to Penn State. I wish to major in microbiology and study cancer one day to help very special children like you and one day rid the world of cancer. I am currently writing about your T-cell treatment for a research paper and you are my star character!! Never stop smiling and may your life be nothing but blessed and beautiful!! I will continue to pray for you and your eternal happiness!!
    Love Lauryn!!

  35. i am a doctor. I teach General Pathology. The last slide of the course regarding oncology is your marvelous story. Now I am upgradind my slides, adding that all is well. Fantastic!

    Giorgio Bianciardi, PhD

  36. Hi Emily,

    I watched your video of surviving cancer after the T Cell treatment. It is great and inspiring to see that you have recovered completely. You are really a very brave girl at this young age. I wish you to have a cheerful life forever. God bless you dear.

  37. You inspires many people, many lives.

    Your amazing journey of living is radiating positiveness that many people can benefit from. Many people, including myself.

    Keep rocking πŸ™‚

  38. Hey Em!
    Can’t wait to spend time with you this weekend at THON! I’m so happy that I got to meet such an awesome kid like yourself this year!

  39. Hi Emmy!

    Just wanted to say hi! I’m sorry I haven’t been able to see you in so long but THON IS IN 22 DAYS! Miss and love you so much! I will be seeing you as soon as possible!


  40. Hi Emily – I am preparing to have the CART19 treatment at UOP soon, I have Lymphoma. I will also be one of the first to have this treatment for my type of cancer like you. You are such a brave little girl, and I have read about you and you are my hero! I hope you are feeling great!

  41. Dear Emily, Kari & Tom,

    It was a pleasure meeting you at the Magic Kingdom on our way to the celebration dinner with LLS Team in Training. I had an incredible experience participating for the first time with Team in Training. I am thankful for meeting and talking with you all for it was certainly a highlight of my trip. I wish you the very best. Your family was the perfect choice for the inspirational dinner. You’re all winning examples!

    Take care,

  42. Emily u are an inspiration to us all , I have been following Austin and his amazing journey as well I run for team in training and will continue to run so more research can be done. My daughter is also a cancer survivor and we are on our way to do the Disney marathon with team in training we will dedicate this run to you and Austin


  43. Author Sue Bender once wrote that “Miracles come after a lot of hard work.” I have lost some friends and family to cancer, and have raised money to fight the damned thing via Team in Training. I rode my first century bike ride in Las Vegas, Nevada last year at the age of 56, and raised $4000. I have watched Fighting Fire with Fire many times, and am heartened by it each time. I hope the treatment proves to be a permanent cure for Emily. Sending hugs, if I may, and happy holiday wishes to your whole family and all the people who cried to know that you were coming back to them, Emily.

  44. God Bless you and your family. You are a beautiful little girl and an inspiration to all. Emma, you have proven that the most important thing is to NEVER give up.

  45. Hi Emily! I work at The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society with the School & Youth Department. Raising funds with the student on Long Island, NY! Thank you for being so brave and such a role model!

    We are closer now then ever..
    Stay well & have a HAPPY and HEALTHY new year!!

  46. Dear Emily, you’re a hero πŸ™‚
    I really admire you, your parents and Dr. Gupp πŸ™‚ everyone who made this miracle possible! Be very grateful this year πŸ™‚ life is a miracle itself and we should never give up on it
    Greetings from Mexico

  47. Hi Emily!
    I saw you on the Doctors last week. I watch that show everyday! It was great to see you doing so well and looking healthy. Are you ready for Christmas? It won’t be long before Santa arrives! πŸ™‚
    I continue to follow your updates and it’s great to hear you are doing so well. Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

  48. hi Emily I am so glad you got through the cancer.And Im happy that you can be with us right now.I always think about you.i seen the video on facebook.i liked when you shaved your dads hair.LOVE OLIVIA ANN WILLIAMSON:)

  49. I read your story on yahoo and am happy you are doing well. I have a cousin who has been told he is loosing his battle with leukemia, I am trying to find him help and was hoping you could email me with the info for the doctors that helped you in hopes they can help my cousin.

    Thank you,

    Shawn S

  50. Having worked in the field of HIV (was laid off last year due to funding). I was very happy to read your story and know things are changing some. Happy Holidays little girl and keep the love that keeps you going.

  51. What an AWESOME story Emily. My son, Brian, was one of the first kids to participate in haplo identical stem cell transplant from his daddy. They take out just the cells that match him from his dad and use them for the transplant. Yall are the untold heroes to many. Best wishes

  52. Em! I haven’t seen you in like two weeks! I miss you! I hope you had a great time at the conference in Philly! I wish I could’ve been there πŸ™ See you soon!

  53. Hello Emma and family!
    I’m Danielle Deliman of Kylertown, PA. I am a student at Slipper Rock University. Today in my neuroanatomy class we discussed T cells and I brought up Emily’s story. My professor and a large amount of my classmates have never heard about Emma and her success but they were greatly inspired just as so many others who know about Emma. Anyway I am visiting the site to say that I am doing some research for my professor and we are going to be talking about Emily and her story next class!
    Also, I love the site! πŸ™‚

  54. Dear Emily, I just read about you and the immunotherapy in our newspaper! I’m from Austria (a small country in the middle of Europe) and my eldest son, Elias, was diagnosed with ALL at the age of 4. That’s two years ago now and he is fine and well. We hope the “little monsters” (that’s how we called the leukemia-cells) are gone for good and will never ever come back.
    I wish you and your family all the best and that you stay healthy!!

  55. You and your family are an inspiration.

    Enjoy your life to the fullest now! And πŸ™‚ go and PLAY and be a kid.

    Love you all and all the best for you and all your family and friends!

  56. Emily, I was so moved by your story. I am thrilled that this treatment worked for you, and hope that each day we come one step closer to finding the cure. You are an inspiration. I think your story will bring hope to many.

  57. Hi Emma!

    Your story literally breaks my heart, such a young and beautiful girl like you deserves the chance to lead a healthy life and look at you – you’ve gotten that chance! It is amazing how much progress you’ve made and I thank medicine every day for being able to provide such opportunities for people like you. You’re going to live such a wonderful life filled with joy and I am so happy for you

    We believe!!!!!

  58. Hi Emma πŸ™‚
    You are a beautiful star!
    I saw a video about you that showed up in my email from Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.
    I love that you have beaten Cancer!
    Thank you, Tom and Kari, for showing others hope through your precious daughter.
    May God continue to bless all of you.

  59. Hey Em, Tom & Kari,

    I am so happy em is feeling better and got to come to the THON 5k! It was great to see you guys and I think i can speak for all the chairs when I say we are all super super excited to come trick-or-treating with em and get TONS of candy!!!!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

    <3 Lindsay Meyers

  60. Hi Emily,

    I heard you are not feeling well. I just wanted to say that I hope you are feeling better soon! Unfortunately, it is that time of year for the cold and flu. Enjoy your tea and Halloween movies. πŸ™‚
    I am sending lots of prayers to you! Take care!! πŸ™‚

  61. Emma, watching your story brought tears to my eyes. It really puts into perspective the important things in life. I am so happy to see that you are doing so well today. God bless you and your family!

  62. Hi I saw a post about you on Instagram you sound like a very strong girl and we’ll my names Emily too and I’m praying for you to get better

  63. Hello Emily and hello to your brave Mum & Dad, Kari & Tom. My name is Jenna Steel and my daughter Iverson was diagnosed with Philadelphia Chromosome positive A.L.L on the 27th of June 2013. We have just (mere minutes ago) watched your inspirational story on 60 Minutes. We just wanted to thank you for sharing your story, for being so brave to try such a radical treatment and mostly we wanted to congratulate you on your win. You took on cancer and you beat it! Thank you for sharing your story and gives us hope that there is hope out there, no matter the outlook, the prognosis, the stats, numbers can go jump… There is always a chance we will come out on top! We wish you all the very best and brightest future possible. Kind regards – Jenna Steel (Ivys Mum xx)

  64. I never heard about u until I saw something on Instagram and I read ur story u seem like a very nice and strong girl and I think u r very pretty and I don’t think that I need to tell u a bunch of stuff because like I said early u r strong but I do have two little words for u and that is
    Just keep swimming

  65. My wife and I just ran across a video about your T-Cell therapy on youtube and then found your webpage. Our daughter, Ellie, was diagnosed with A.L.L (B-cell) at age 2. She is now 4 and about 3 months from finishing treatment, doing very well. We are in Northern California and work with the docs at Stanford. Your story just made our night! You are the epitome of courage and a very bright light of HOPE. We took Ellie to Disneyland on July 21 and 22nd for the first time ever. Wow – wonder if we were there at the same time! Hope you loved it. Ellie and her brother had an absolute blast. Did you go on the big Cars Land ride?! Our very best wishes for your continued good health and strength for your incredible parents. We update a blog for Ellie at We’re all gonna beat this thing!

  66. Hi Emily!
    So glad to hear you are doing well and enjoying your summer. My daughters and I continue to check your website a few times a week. We enjoy reading your posts and my daughters (ages 7 and 5) love to look at your pictures. πŸ™‚ Take care and enjoy the rest of your summer. We Believe!

  67. Emma, I read about you today and I am so, so impressed with you –everything about you!!!– and your parents. You are truly an inspiration and, even though I live far away from you and only know you from this story and website, I will think of you and your family often! You are courageous and beautiful in so may ways!

  68. Dear Emma,
    I just heard about you and I’m so glad there are brave people like you left in this world. Never give up because you’re an inspiration for everyone. Greetings from Mexico πŸ™‚ I’ll be delighted to hear from you little princess!!! Just keep swimming <3

  69. Hi, I just read this blog, it was really amazing, hope someday every cancer patient can be treat with that treatment … God bless everyone in you family. Regard from Lima, Peru (South America)

  70. Hi Emma
    I am writing from Canada, What a brave girl _ you are an inspiration to all other cancer victims. I always felt the body has the ability to fight disease from within using T cells instead of the powerful external drugs. Keep up the fight you are winning the battle. Take care Love Carole OXOXOX

  71. Hi Emma,

    I’m a teacher-turned-pre-med-student who’ll soon be starting medical school, and a friend recently shared the video “Fire with Fire”. The courage you had to battle your illness is a real inspiration, and your story motivates me to hopefully be able to one day have a similar impact in the lives of my future patients. I wish you and your parents all the best in the years to come.



  72. Hi Emily,

    My name is Uche from Nigeria.

    I saw a link to the video – Fire for Fire on Facebook, and I was so fascinated, I actually stopped studying for my exams to watch the video again and visit the website. You are most definitely a fighter!

    Let me share with you a quote to help you through the difficult times: “I urge you to focus totally on the promised outcome. Say nothing about the pain of the process. Starve any doubt and unbelief to death, and feed your faith to life and manifestation!
    (Mummy/Daddy will probably explain it a little better…lol)

    I am praying for you everyday, and I am confident that you will be fine. Take care and all the best!

  73. Dear Emma, I’m from The Netherlands and I just saw the short movie about your treatment on I Googled you because I was wondering how you’re doing now, and I’m really happy to see that you’re doing really well. You’re a very brave little girl and I hope you have the longest, healthiest and happiest life. Best wishes.

  74. Emma,

    I was very touched by your story. As a young (but not nearly as young!) cancer survivor myself, I’m so happy you are moving forward with your life. By you fighting against cancer the way you have, many other boys and girls are going to be able to have a new chance at life, too.

  75. Emma,

    I am a participant in the LLS MWOY Campaign and love inspiring those I know to support by sharing your story. I thank God for your treatment success and pray God blesses you with a healthy and happy life.

    I encourage you to commit Jeremiah 29:11 to memory.

    May God bless you abundantly!



  76. I’m so happy for you Emma. Keep enjoying each day of life and keep inspiring others. Hope to see you in Hershey this summer, but at HersheyPark, NOT the hospital! I want to go on a rollercoaster ride with you.

  77. Hi Emily!
    So glad to hear you are donig well. We have been watching interviews of you online and on tv. My daughters get very excited to see you. πŸ™‚ We ordered one of your magnets-can’t wait to recieve it. I hope you have a great weekend at THON!! We will be thinking of you!!

  78. hi im emily whitehead 2 i dont know how its posable for us to have the same first and last name but how old are you im 9

  79. Hi Emily,

    I hope all is well with you! My daughters were excited to hear that you wanted a hamster. They have a dwarf hamster and although they are low maintenance for the most part, I find them to be disgusting….lol. As a mom, this would not be my first choice as a pet. πŸ™‚
    We read your updates on a regular basis and my daughters (ages 7 and 4) are always asking me how Emily Whitehead is doing and they ask to get on your website so they can look at any new pictures you post. They saw you last year at a cancer carnival at the Woodland Park and they were very excited to see you.
    We hope that you have a very happy, healthy New Year and we continue to send prayers your way. Take care! WE BELIEVE!

  80. Hi Emily, Tom & Kari ~

    I read your updates on facebook and I am so sorry to hear that Emiy isn’t feeling well and that you aren’t going to be home for Christmas.
    Sending prayers that Emily feels better soon.

    Merry Christmas!

  81. Praying for you Emma, that this new treatment will work! It is an amazing thing you (and your parents) are doing. You are helping to find the cure for this and so many other lives will be blessed that you deserve all the best!

  82. For many of us who live with children with cancer, it’s each phase of the miracle that gives us hope. I could imagine after witnessing this miracle unfold that I’d be hesitant to share our story, in the event I was “jinxing” something or that we somehow let others down if everything didn’t continue to go perfectly- but I’m so grateful you are able to share the journey- THIS is what will cure childhood cancer. Your story with Emily’s adorable pretty face was emailed to me from friends in the US, England and Australia within hours of her story breaking. She IS in the process of making history – and is THRIVING today. May we rejoice in this miracle – and I pray may we rejoice in this miracle next year, and the year after and 50 years from now. Thank you!

  83. I started following your story a couple weeks ago because I have following UPENNS progress since August 2011. Ih ave two daughters of my own and I am so happy for you. What a miracle. I read about the salmonella problem. Could the source be your dog or handling the dog treats? I have read a lot about petfood contaminated with salmonella.

    1. Hi Mike! We had our dog, Lucy, take an antibiotic for a few weeks in case she was the source of salmonella. The vet feels Lucy is not the source. To be safe, we no longer let Emily touch Lucy’s food or treats because I know there have been reports of food/treats being tainted with salmonella.

  84. What was the translocation associated with Emma’s original Pre-B diagnosis, and what COG protocol was she following (AALL 0331?)? Thanks!

    It is amazing to see what they have done, and how far Emma has come!

  85. i found it very cool that i saw Emma’s NY Times article on my friend’s FB page today with the post “Girl – 1; Cancer – 0”; he had no clue that I “know” Emma – he was just that impressed and captivated by her story . . . and beautiful pictures!

  86. Hi Emma!
    My family and I have followed your story for several months now. We watched your interview on CBS news last night. We are so happy to hear that you are doing well. We check in on your page often and send prayers to you everyday.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

    WE BELIEVE!! πŸ™‚

  87. Hi. I have been following Emily and your family for about a year now on caringbridge. I look forward to following you on this new page. Sending prayers always.

    1. Thanks Noelle! When Emily relapsed the first time she really didn’t have any symptoms – it was completely unexpected. She went for routine blood work which looked pretty normal other than we noticed her platelets had dropped, and then her doctor called us and said he saw blast cells (cancer cells) in her blood. The second time she relapsed we knew right away because her white count went way up all of a sudden.

  88. We love your journal Emma! Happy Thanksgiving to your whole family and Lucy too. I bet you are working hard on your drawings. We love seeing your artwork. You are such a good artist πŸ™‚ lots of love, B, Emma & Gracie xo

  89. Emma,
    You and your parents have so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. Praying for continued blessings and good blood work results. Have a great day tomorrow.

  90. Hello Emily!

    I have a presentation tomorrow in my Biology class and I decided to make my presentation about you, so others can hear your story! I hope when I’m done, they will BELIEVE in miracles just as much as we do! (: Hope all is well!!


  91. Hi Emma…I love your new journal page! It will be great to see more pictures of you and Lucy!

    Stay strong and always remember:

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