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We are so excited that THON begins TOMORROW! Why are we so excited? Here are some links that show how awesome THON is:

Our Discovering Diamonds video made in 2011 (made before Emily relapsed – she’s so little in some of the photos in the video!). The video was made to tell other families why they should be involved in THON:

Our personal photos from THON 2011 (she’s SO little!):

THON documentary:

Thank you so much for the THON support! We’ve had a bunch of messages/emails about how everyone is making or have made donations to THON! Some of you are asking for the following information:

1) Can I visit THON / Can you tell me how I can visit THON?

YES! THON is open to the public at the Bryce Jordan Center – no tickets are needed (the public is not allowed on the floor). However, the BJC fills up quickly and they often close it at times because it fills to capacity (more than 15,000 people!). If you visit you will understand why we say “THON cannot be described”.

Friday: THON begins at 6:00pm tomorrow – I don’t know what time doors open but I know it will fill up quickly for kick off.

Saturday: Probably the best time to go. The pep rally is in the evening and I think the BJC fills up several hours before the pep rally. So best time is tomorrow morning/afternoon.

Sunday: Be there by 8am if you want in at all! It ends at 4:00pm but it will fill to capacity by early morning. We speak during family hour between 1-2pm.

You can also watch THON live all weekend on the webcast:

2) How do I donate / Who do I credit my donation to?

GO TO: http://thon.org/
CLICK: The yellow DONATE NOW tab
CHOOSE: “Click to support the THON Organization or Dancer of your choice”
CHOOSE: “Public Relations Student Society of America” (this is Emily’s organization – you have to scroll more than halfway down)


emily-whitehead-magnetPINIMAGEI created this magnet just because I love the photo of Emily but once a few people saw it I started getting requests for orders. Then Emily said: “Hey! Maybe people can buy a magnet and we can donate the money to THON!” She always has the best ideas.

We will be donating money from the sale of the magnet to the Penn State Dance MaraTHON which raises funds and awareness for the fight against pediatric cancer. Magnet size is 4″ x 5.5″. Please enter your address when checking out so we know where to send them! Magnets will be ordered next week and ship the week after.

Thank you!

Number of magnets

Note: You do NOT need a PayPal account to use the button if paying with a credit card. Once you click the button then click on Don’t Have a PayPal Account? which will be on the right hand side of the screen.

About THON: The Penn State Dance MaraTHON (affectionately known as THON) is the largest student-run philanthropy in the world and is happening THIS WEEKEND! Since 1977, THON has raised more than $89 million for the Four Diamonds Fund at Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital.

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Emily had her 9 month follow-up appointment (post CART-19) at CHOP on Monday. She had a bone marrow aspiration/biopsy and spinal tap. No cancer cells were detected! The T-cells are still present in both her bone marrow and spinal fluid and the cells are still working! This was really exciting and such a relief to hear after our scare earlier in the week. Emily doesn’t have to go back to CHOP until April for her one year follow-up visit where she will also get her port out!

We are getting ready to go to NYC this coming weekend to speak at the Hope Gala – it should be a fun weekend! Then the weekend after is what we’ve been waiting 2 years for – the Penn State Dance MaraTHON!! We can’t wait to go. Tomorrow is the last day to send Emily mail for Kid Mail call at THON – to learn more and get directions for mailing letters, see this post.

The photo of Emily is one I was able to take this weekend. She doesn’t like for me to take her photo much anymore (after all the media photos she did the past few months she got a little tired of getting her photo taken!), but she allowed me to take just a few shots and I was able to get this one! I love the way it turned out.

We will be posting tomorrow about an announcement regarding CHOP! We will be posting about it on her Facebook page first.

You will also see a few more photos of Emily 🙂

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