T-Cell Therapy 2-Year Anniversary

This week marks two years since Emily had the T-cell therapy! Has it really been two years already?! We are headed to Philadelphia later today for her 2-year follow-up visit at CHOP. We will be there Wednesday and Thursday for several appointments. Wednesday is her oncology visit including bloodwork which she hasn’t had done for several months now. It has actually been nice not seeing labs – it’s hard not to panic every time her labs look a little off, and I’ve realized that not seeing labs and obsessing over every value has helped me worry less about Emily’s health the past few months. The weeks leading up to an appointment are always stressful though and we will be anxious until we see normal bloodwork. She also has to get a renal ultrasound to check her kidneys. The PBS film crew will be following Emily at her appointment and throughout the day to get some footage for the cancer documentary.

After her appointments Wednesday we will stay overnight with Emily’s Aunt Kristen and Uncle Nick so Emily can meet her new baby cousin Sam! She has a few other appointments back at CHOP on Thursday with pulmonology and immunology to hopefully figure out why she can’t get rid of the cough/congestion she’s had for quite awhile.

We have some travel coming up over the next few weeks to Philadelphia (twice), Pittsburgh (Emily is a junior bridesmaid in Aunt Brenda’s wedding!), Washington DC, and NYC. Also during that time we will be celebrating Emily’s 9th birthday (May 2nd) and then her 2-year cancer free anniversary (May 10th)! It will be busy but we’re looking forward to it – with her birthday and anniversary coming up we are more thankful than ever that she’s healthy (at least we hope so – we always worry about saying that until we see normal bloodwork!).